The clothes don't make the monk... or maybe they do?

Etiquette and etiquette are important for creating a good impression in social situations, such as formal dinners, business meetings, and important events. Appropriate clothing plays a fundamental role in this context, and we at Quintessence know this well.

We have prepared some quick tips for you, ready to take notes?

Formal dinners: refinement and respect

Choose an outfit that suits the occasion , such as a dark suit for men and an elegant dress for women.

Pay attention to event- specific dress rules , such as the dress code
"black tie" or "dark suit".

Make sure your clothes are clean, well pressed
and in good condition.

Formal dinners

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Business meetings: professionalism and seriousness

Opt for professional clothing that reflects your seriousness and competence.

Wear a formal suit or well-tailored suit .

Avoid colors that are too bright or clothes that are too casual.

Important events: specific clothing

Analyze the type of event and adapt your attire accordingly. Smart or semi-formal attire may be required.

For more casual events , choose appropriate but refined clothing.

Wear clothes that are appropriate for the occasion, that make you feel comfortable without looking too extravagant.

Casual look

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How to avoid making mistakes? Simple, trust us!

In conclusion, etiquette and etiquette are key to creating a good impression in social situations. Proper clothing plays an essential role in this process. By following the advice on how to behave and on appropriate clothing, you will be able to communicate respect, professionalism and style on every occasion .

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