The Art of Dressing Contemporary Elegance: interview with Daniele Ghetti

If there's one thing we can learn from the story of Daniele Ghetti and his Quintessence brand, it's that passion and dedication can turn dreams into reality . Through this interview, we want you to get to know our style creator better, who has carried forward his vision of elegant and contemporary fashion through decades of changes and challenges.

The origins

Daniele Ghetti, a boy of the 20th century , as he defines himself with a smile, began his journey in the world of fashion during the 80s and 90s. Growing up in the suburbs, he drew inspiration from his mother , a seamstress who knew how to transform used clothing into one-of-a-kind sartorial creations for him and his siblings. It was from here that his passion for elegant clothing was born. Seeing something new emerge from old clothing has inspired Daniele since childhood, and over time, this passion has evolved into something much greater.


Quintessence's key values ​​are quality, sobriety and simplicity . Every piece of clothing produced by this brand is built to last over time , like a bottle of wine that improves over the years. Daniele Ghetti believes in meeting the needs of a wide range of people, from the young generation to the older ones, while maintaining the essence of contemporary fashion with a sartorial touch .

Advice for dreamers

Quintessence's production process is artisanal and rigorous, with attention to detail. Have you already read our article on the production processes of the jacket?

For those who dream of opening their own brand, Daniele Ghetti offers valuable advice: passion is the key. Dedicate yourself wholeheartedly and be ready to make enormous sacrifices to achieve success. The road may be long, but passion will guide you.

Why Quintessence?

If you wonder why you should choose Quintessence, the answer is clear. Quintessence represents the very essence of contemporary elegance . With a philosophy based on quality, sobriety and simplicity, this brand offers clothing that stands the test of time. You will never have to "dress up", but you will always be ready to dress in style thanks to Quintessence.

In conclusion, Daniele Ghetti and Quintessence are an example of how passion, dedication and vision can transform a dream into a successful reality. Contemporary fashion and timeless elegance come together in a perfect union, offering a unique fashion experience that leaves an indelible mark over time.