The origins of sales and a strategic purchasing guide

If you are a fan of elegant men's clothing and love Made in Italy , then you are in the right place!

In this article, we will explore the origins of the sale and provide crucial information about the Summer Sale 2023 .

Whether you are a loyal e-commerce customer or simply interested in the traditions of Italian shopping , this guide will help you plan your purchases strategically.

The origins of Sale

Sales, in the world of clothing and beyond, represent an unmissable opportunity to obtain great discounts, even on high quality garments.

The roots of this tradition date back to the 19th century , when the custom of selling unsold items or stocks from past seasons at discounted prices spread.

Today, sales have become a common practice involving, as in the case of Quintessence , both physical stores and e-commerce .

Made in Italy on sale

Italy is renowned throughout the world for its excellence in the production of elegant men's clothing . Italian brands such as Armani, Gucci, Valentino and many others are known for their quality craftsmanship, fine materials and sophisticated design.

Made in Italy clothing such as that of our Quintessence and Red Quintessence brands therefore represents a lasting investment: as well as being synonymous with timeless style and attention to detail , you have the certainty of buying a product that will last you over the years .

Start of the 2023 Summer Sales

On July 6 , Summer Sales 2023 will kick off, bringing a fresh breeze of convenience to the world of men's smart clothing.

From elegant tailored suits to sophisticated tailored shirts , from unique fashion details to impeccable shoes, this is the opportunity you've been waiting for to update your wardrobe with Italian style at affordable prices.

Save the date!

Mark July 6th on your calendar and get ready to score some great deals that will make you feel like a true gentleman .

Don't miss this opportunity for style and convenience : the 2023 summer sales are upon us, ready to satisfy your every fashion need.

Buy smart, buy with style, buy Quintessence !

Why choose a Quintessence product?

Quintessence is a contemporary proposal, of the highest quality , designed for people who want to be
elegant but in a very simple way.

Whether you are looking for a tailor-made dress for a special occasion or simply want to renew your wardrobe with high quality garments, we are waiting for you for the Summer Sales on our website and in our stores!

Get ready to live the Italian shopping experience and enjoy the timeless charm of elegant men's clothing Made in Italy with Quintessence .