Men's formal suit: Elegance without sacrifices

If you want advice for your formal dress that will make you young and elegant , you are in the right place. Our tailored suits for men are the ideal choice for a sophisticated and classy look on any occasion .

Do you want advice on style and how to wash your men's suit ? Read on to learn more!

Completo elegante da uomo 100% lino colore blu

Checked men's suit and 100% linen suits

Among our best-selling men's suits, you will find the fascinating checked men's suit , in multiple color variations. In the image you saw above you see the classic Wales variant, discover the tobacco-colored one on our website!

If you prefer a touch of colour , opt for our 100% linen suits , perfect for summer events and outdoor ceremonies. You can find them in the blue (see photo on the side), green and tobacco variants.

Style tips

For a versatile outfit , you can wear one of our scarves over your dress, adding a casual touch without compromising elegance. Alternatively, a men's suit without a tie is ideal for less formal occasions.

For a bold style , pairing a men's formal suit with a pair of sneakers can be a surprising choice, mixing forms of formal and informal elegance .

How to wash a men's suit

To keep your men's suit looking great, carefully follow the washing instructions for each item and consider using a professional laundry service to ensure gentle, thorough cleaning.

Private shopping session

If you're looking for a men's formal suit for a wedding or special event , you're sure to find the perfect option near you with our private shopping sessions !

A men's formal suit must be perfectly cut and close to the body, enhancing your physical characteristics . Our experts will make sure to find the right fit for you for a flawless look.

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